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Modern businesses and properties require an effective security system with multiple elements to protect those within, from threats and hazards. These security solutions need to be extremely innovative and advanced to give complete peace of mind to the people investing in these measures. The LNS Fire and Security team understands the value of efficient safety systems and is committed to providing the best security solutions to our clients. One of the most popular and essential of these is an intercom system. Gone are the days when they were simply electronic doorkeepers that performed a basic function. Today, they have evolved into highly advanced systems that can wirelessly monitor and control all the access points into your premises, 24×7. LNS Fire and Security is one of the leading intercom systems providers in Leicestershire that can help set up the best security for your commercial property or private residence, no matter how big or small they are.

Bespoke Security Systems

With the threat of theft and break-ins increasing each day, the need for customised intercoms that can serve different purposes for individual premises is higher than ever. This is why LNS security engineers have developed bespoke intercoms that can serve all kinds of security demands of our clients. These advanced systems offer a range of benefits such as enhanced security and communication, 24×7 monitoring, controlled access points, and better accountability, among others. Depending on your on-site requirements, we’ll be able to deliver Wired or Wireless Intercoms, Audio and Video Intercom Systems, GSM Intercoms, Wi-Fi Intercoms, Multiway Intercoms, and more. Plus, our specialist team can not only provide the best intercom system for your project, but can also carry out the installation, repair, and maintenance of your intercoms efficiently.

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We believe in delivering security solutions that are practical, cost-effective, and efficient. Our intercom systems will give you complete control with remote access. With us, you’ll get:

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