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Leicestershire is one of East Midland’s most thriving counties and is home to a great many small and large local businesses. Originally an industrial powerhouse, Leicestershire still has several modern firms that provide manufacturing, engineering, technological, biological sciences, and financial services in the UK as well as abroad. Regardless of whether these businesses operate from warehouses, manufacturing units, or commercial buildings and offices, they all need to follow the fire and safety regulations set out by the government. If you are a local business owner, we can help design and install the best fire and safety systems in Leicestershire and protect your premises and people from fire hazards.

Why Do You Need a Fire Risk Assessment in Leicestershire?

A fire risk assessment is the first step towards safeguarding your premises. Therefore, you’ll need qualified and experienced fire and safety experts to carry out a thorough fire risk assessment and then suggest necessary solutions for any problems found. LNS Fire and Security is a leading fire and safety systems provider in Leicestershire that has been helping SMEs and homeowners protect their properties, for over 20 years. Our fire risk assessment will help provide the following information:

  • Identify any hazards
  • Highlight any problems with the existing fire alarm systems 
  • Bring to the front any issues that might increase the risk of fire and threat to the people within the building
  • Suggest relevant solutions to tackle these issues
  • Prepare an emergency plan as per the needs of your business and building

Why Hire a Fire and Safety Systems Expert in Leicestershire

There are many reasons why you should hire a local fire and safety systems expert in Leicestershire. Experienced fire and security providers like LNS can give you the right guidance and advice on the latest fire safety regulations. They will also have access to official bodies and the best materials in the region and will be able to equip your building with the most advanced fire and safety solutions in Leicestershire. Moreover, hiring a local fire and safety systems provider will ensure that the right help reaches your building in case of an emergency. From conducting regular fire drills and fire alarm maintenance to testing the whole system and replacing faulty equipment with new ones, a local fire and safety systems specialist will swiftly be able to provide these services to residential and business owners. 

Why Choose LNS?

LNS is a certified and experienced fire and safety systems provider in Leicestershire that has over 20 years of experience in this area. We can design and install comprehensive and advanced fire and safety, access control, and other security solutions in commercial and residential properties. Our security engineers have helped both large and small businesses secure their premises with fire alarms, CCTV cameras, access control systems, intercoms, disabled refuge systems, and more. If you’re looking for cost-effective fire and security solutions, look no further than LNS! To book a fire risk assessment and get a free quote, get in touch with us! 

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