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Reliable Fire Safety Systems

The Fire safety system is one of the most important security systems in a building. It is essential not only for the peace of mind of those within but is also a legal requirement without which, no building can be deemed safe and secure for inhabitation. LNS Fire and Security have been helping businesses and homeowners with advanced fire safety systems for over two decades. Our experienced team of engineers and electricians understand that an efficient fire safety system should not only be about fire detection but should also focus on the specific needs of a property or commercial project and its ability to protect the people living or working within the facility from fire hazards. We are one of the most reliable fire safety system experts in Leicestershire thanks to our passion for fire safety and our dedication towards providing only the best fire alarm and detection solutions to our clients.

Customised Fire Safety Systems

The difference between a good and excellent fire and security provider is their ability to provide comprehensive and flexible services. LNS Fire and Security has a distinctive approach that is based on providing the right services with real value. Whether you need a simple fire alarm in your residence or complex fire detection, alarm, monitoring, and suppression systems for your commercial project, we can advise about, design, and install the best fire safety systems that are suitable for your home or business. Our services will include everything from initial site inspection and fire risk assessments to design, installation, maintenance, commissioning, and project delivery.

How Do They Work?

All our fire and safety systems are legally compliant, cost-effective, and tailored to meet your business needs. We follow a diligent process by which we install the latest fire safety solutions.

  • Firstly, we conduct a site inspection to understand your requirements and legal obligations. Then we design a plan accordingly and get back to you.
  • Next, LNS buys and provides all the equipment necessary for installation.
  • We carry out swift installation work as per the highest professional standards and keep you informed of the process at every step.
  • Once the systems have been installed, we conduct rigorous commissioning of the systems to ensure everything is working correctly, followed by system training to ensure that all users are familiar with the system. We also conduct commissioning on Fire systems carried out by third parties.
  • Our services also include servicing and maintenance of fire systems installed by us or by third parties. We can provide annual service and maintenance and call-outs as and when required. 
  • Lastly, we provide our clients with specialist advice on the prevention of fire and customised fire safety systems for their business. All our Fire Risk Assessments come with a comprehensive report detailing our key findings submitted. We will also provide an Action Plan to carry out any recommendations within the Fire Risk Assessment. 

Why Choose LNS?

Fire and Safety is a crucial aspect of the security of all commercial and residential properties, which is why we never compromise on the standard of our service and the quality of the equipment we use. With LNS Fire and Security, you get:

  • Complete Peace of Mind
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Advanced Solutions
  • Expert Support
  • Free, No-Obligation Site Visit and Quote

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