CCTV cameras are easily one of the most effective deterrents you can have on your business premises. Their presence alone can discourage criminals from committing a crime on your commercial property. Moreover, CCTV cameras are crucial for the constant surveillance of your premises, especially after working hours and during holidays. They also help monitor the activity of the staff in the workplace and other sensitive areas that may contain valuable assets and information. Although securing your business premises by installing CCTV cameras may seem straightforward, in practice, it is not. There are specific laws and regulations that UK business owners need to follow when using CCTV cameras on their property. 

It is vital to follow all the relevant Data Protection guidelines for CCTV surveillance to avoid getting fined. 

Before installing security cameras, you must register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment. Next, you must follow the guidelines as follows:

  • State the purpose for installing CCTV cameras on your premises and review them regularly
  • Nominate a responsible person to take charge of the cameras, their maintenance and related queries and complaints
  • Put up signs to inform that CCTV surveillance is in progress
  • Ensure all the CCTV footage is recorded and stored appropriately and securely
  • Ensure that CCTV images and recordings are stored for no longer than the standard one month.
  • Delete all the older recordings and images 
  • Provide any requested images within 30 days 
  • Provide recordings to the authorities when requested, at no charge
  • Do not install CCTV cameras in private areas such as changing rooms and toilets
  • Review and audit your CCTV cameras regularly to ensure they are efficient and working according to the legal guidelines.
  • Pay a Data Protection fee to the ICO

How Can LNS Help

Failure to follow all the Data Protection guidelines and CCTV regulations can lead to criminal charges and jail time or cost you up to £500,000 in fines. Furthermore, not putting up appropriate CCTV signs and unlawfully recording or storing images and recordings can tarnish the reputation of your business and lead to loss of trust between you and your employees and clients. It is essential to have security experts like LNS install and maintain all the CCTV cameras on your premises to ensure that your business complies with all the necessary regulations. 

Our security experts are well-versed with the Data Protection Act and CCTV regulations and carry out all the installation work accordingly. They take care of everything from installing cameras in optimum places to efficiently integrating them with other security systems like intruder alarms and access control systems. We also guide you on which CCTV camera systems are most suitable for your premises and advice the ideal locations for installing them. 

LNS is one of the leading security specialists in Leicestershire because we provide the best fire and security systems installation and maintenance services to commercial property owners in the local and surrounding areas. Regular professional maintenance is crucial to keeping your premises secure and ensuring all the guidelines are followed at all times. Our maintenance services include complete assessment and repair services for your CCTV camera systems. You can learn more about our security services and how they can protect your business premises by contacting us on 0116 224 3478.