There is no shortage of security solutions for commercial and residential properties. However, the vital thing for every homeowner or business owner is to select those most relevant and worth the investment. One such solution which has become a common feature in residential apartments and commercial buildings is intercom systems. An intercom (intercommunication device), talkback or door phone is a two-way voice communications system that transmits and receives audio and video transmissions in a building or small collection of buildings.

Types of Intercom Systems

Intercoms have long shed the perception of being single-line door buzzer panels that simply allow individuals to enter the building. Modern intercom systems include integrated audio and video systems that connect multiple lines within a building complex and perform the dual function of access control and communication. There are several different intercoms available that come with distinct features and perform specific functions. The main types of intercom systems that are most commonly used are:

Wired Intercoms – Wired intercom systems are installed where it is possible to run wires between the buildings. They are used where a little more privacy is desired. Wired intercoms eliminate the interference from neighbouring systems and are the preferred choice for video systems.

Wireless Intercoms – A wireless intercom is used in places where it is not feasible to run and install wires. Wireless intercoms may cover different area ranges, depending on the type of technology they use. Many two-way wireless intercom systems are used in properties, such as handheld radios, outdoor wireless callboxes, and traditional desktop devices.

Video Systems – Video intercoms are wired intercoms that include a camera, speaker, a push button at the entrance door, and an internal monitor unit that can communicate with the person at the entrance. It may also include multiple video monitors at multiple sites inside.

Apartment Intercoms – These intercom systems have a unit at the entrance door and one or multiple units in individual apartments in the building. The visitor presses the number of the apartment they want to visit, the person occupying the apartment answers the call, speaks to the visitor and allows them in by unlocking the entrance door with a button.

Two-Way Radios – Two-way radio systems are used to communicate with base station intercoms. They offer good flexibility of a mobile radio that can communicate over long distances and the capability of a fixed intercom.

Security Intercoms – These enable voice communications between two or more locations for security reasons. Security intercoms are commonly used between busy areas in the building and a locked entrance door.

Why Does Your Property Need Intercom Systems

Every commercial property and residential apartment building needs effective access control systems that can provide security and peace of mind to the people working or living in them. There are several benefits to installing intercom systems, such as:

  • Better Security

Intercom systems provide better security to residents or employees. Since visitors need to be validated and manually allowed entry into the building by the residents and employees through the intercom system, the risk of harm from unwanted visitors is drastically reduced.

  • Improved Communication

Modern intercom systems allow visitors to directly call the person they wish to speak to or visit. They reduce the burden on the front desk staff and allow better communication between all parties.

  • Better Tracking 

Intercom systems are very useful in tracking the activity of people. They are particularly effective in tracking the movement of employees and ensuring they arrive and leave on time.

  • Remote Monitoring

One of the best advantages of installing intercom systems in a building is its remote access capability. Staff members or business owners can now control who enters their building during and after office hours even if they are away from the office, with the help of special remote monitoring intercom systems that can be operated remotely.


How Can LNS Help?

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