Security is one of the most crucial elements in a business, physical and cybersecurity. Businesses owners need to ensure that their premises are well-guarded and their staff, visitors, and assets well-protected at all times. Thanks to technological advancement, there is a wide range of security elements and equipment that you can install on your commercial property to monitor and protect it. One such piece of equipment is office security camera systems.

Security cameras are considered the first line of defence against crime and vandalism on both private and commercial. They act as deterrents for thieves and record and monitor activity within and outside the premises which can be used as evidence if the need arises. However, before buying and installing office security camera systems, business owners must understand their specific needs and choose security cameras with the most relevant features that meet those requirements. Here’s what you should look for:

High-Definition Feature

There is no point in installing security cameras if the images and videos they record are blurred. High definition security cameras are a must when it comes to business premises as they help to record clear images and videos of any break-in attempts or other prohibited acts that can be used by the authorities to catch the culprits.

Wide Angle Feature

It is better to install a camera that monitors a large area than install multiple ones that cover smaller areas. A security camera with a wide-angle lens will cover a large area so you won’t need to install that many on your premises.

Motion Sensors

Security cameras with built-in motion sensors are only activated when movement is detected. Since they only record images and videos upon being triggered, they are ideal for places where recording is only for evidence purposes and not for 24×7 surveillance. Security cameras with built-in motion sensors make it easy for you to review the required footage and swiftly provide evidence.

Low Light/Night Vision

Since a majority of crime takes place after it gets dark, having office security cameras with low light or night vision features is crucial to keeping the property safe at all times. Regardless of how dark it is outside or within the premises in the absence of light, low-light security cameras with infrared LED can record detailed footage.

Wireless Technology

Almost all modern security cameras are wireless. They are easy to install in places where wired cameras are difficult to install. Wireless security cameras work by transmitting the images to the main receiver just like a traditional wired camera, only wirelessly.

Remote Access

Security cameras that come with remote access features are highly sought-after because they allow the owners to monitor their business premises from anywhere in the world and notify the authorities if they witness any suspicious activity.

Cloud Backup

Your office security cameras would record large amounts of footage throughout the day, every day. The best way to store all the footage without needing a physical storage solution is to take a Cloud backup. It is easy to integrate and much more practical than hard storage solutions.

Integrated Speakers

Many modern security camera systems come equipped with integrated speakers. This feature allows you to listen in on and warn intruders or speak to visitors and delivery people from within the building or a remote location.

Other Features

These are just a few important features to look for in an efficient office security camera system. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can also install security cameras with other advanced features like:

  • Mobile device monitoring and access
  • Data analytics for monitoring hot spots
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Weatherproof build

The security of your business premises is your responsibility. To ensure that the best security cameras are installed on your property, it is essential to understand its specific security requirements. LNS Fire and Security has over 20 years of experience installing different office security camera systems in large industrial units and commercial buildings. Our experienced security engineers can conduct a site survey, suggest appropriate security solutions, and install the right equipment on your premises. Give us a call on 0116 224 3478 to learn more about our services, discuss your project or request a free quote.