Burglaries and other criminal activities have been on the rise all across the UK, in recent times. Whether it is a commercial building or private property, all premises are at an equal risk of being broken into for theft and vandalism. This is why it has become important for business owners and private property owners to invest in smart security solutions that can help protect their building and the people and possessions inside. One of the most cost-effective and efficient security solutions that work brilliantly in commercial properties as well as private homes, is CCTV cameras. Installing CCTV cameras at crucial sites within and outside of the property and investing in remote CCTV monitoring can make it less vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

But is that enough for the security of your business or home?

CCTV Cameras & Remote Monitoring

A normal CCTV camera simply records a video and saves the footage for future reference. While this helps gather evidence to identify any perpetrators after a crime has been committed, CCTV cameras on their own cannot do much to alert the authorities when the crime is taking place.

That’s where remote CCTV monitoring can make a difference.

Remotely monitored CCTV camera systems perform the dual function of sounding an alarm as well as recording evidence. They are managed and watched by a group of security professionals from a remote location. If the CCTV cameras show any unusual activity on the premises, the security personnel immediately notify the authorities and the owner accordingly. Depending on your business or personal needs, you can have your building monitored 24×7 or at certain times in the day or night. With remotely monitored CCTV cameras you have a better chance of nabbing the miscreants and preventing crime, than with normal CCTV cameras.

How Does Remote CCTV Monitoring Work?

Setting up remotely monitored CCTV cameras is fairly simple. All you need is an internet connection that can transmit the images or video footage to the security team at the remote station and you’re good to go. If and when the CCTV cameras pick up any suspicious activity outside or inside the building and send the footage back to the remote monitoring station, a security person will be able to change the angles of the camera, if need be, and get the best footage of the thieves to identify and catch them. They will also notify the emergency services as soon as possible so that they can reach the premises and try and prevent the crime from occurring. Moreover, some remotely monitored CCTV camera systems are also supported with audio functions through which, the security personnel can warn the miscreants and compel them to leave.

Why Should You Secure Your Premises with Remotely Monitored CCTV Cameras

Remote CCTV monitoring offers several benefits over simple CCTV cameras and security guards. When your premises have remotely monitored CCTV cameras, criminals are less likely to attempt a break-in. Furthermore, setting up remote CCTV monitoring is much more cost-effective than having actual security guards supervising your property. Remotely monitored CCTV cameras can provide 24×7 surveillance and alert the authorities right away. They have a minimum scope of human error and are much more effective in preventing theft and providing continuous security to your premises.

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