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Disabled person alarm systems can be found in many environments that require safety measures for more vulnerable individuals. 

At LNS, we work with a wide range of clients, including residential homes, care homes, day centres, private home owners, and housing associations. 
Our disabled person alarm systems include pull cord alarms, toilet alarms, nurse call alarms, access and entry controls, and pressure activated sensors. 
Building regulations insist that all new commercial (non-domestic) buildings, with more than one floor, provide safe (“refuge”) places where people who are unable to use fire escapes and evacuation lifts can call for emergency assistance and wait for evacuation help to arrive. 
Easy to use, effective two-way communication within these “refuge” areas is essential to: 
Help rescue teams determine where evacuation assistance is requiredReassure people that help is on its way. 
Communication systems in refuge areas are known as Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) Systems and PEL’s solution is suitable for use in all types of EVC application – be it a disabled refuge, fire telephones or a new stadium marshalling system. 

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